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Flxdeal is register name of Sangaris sky technology private technology,to make shopping easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before for our customers. We are committed in our mission to build a trustworthy online marketplace which offers the widest range of products across the country. With our proven user experience and reliable services, we are committed to provide customers in India with a trusted and hassle-free one-stop-shop for all their shopping needs across various categories such as Electronics Accessory like Power bank, Bluetooth Air pod , Pen drive ,Speakers and etc.

With our convenient payment options, on time delivery services, dependable customer service, and secure online transactions, you can now shop smarter, faster and more seamlessly within a few clicks. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized worldwide, and we look forward to offering our customers a delightful shopping experience online with Flxdeal.


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If you have any other questions – please get in touch at  info@flxdeal.com

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